Thursday, April 04, 2013

A Brief Chuckle

Massive project at the shop. Tensions get high when we have to bring down the entire gaming floor for twelve hours. Few people in the mood for my particular brand of inappropriate humor. And then some servers unexpectedly arrive moments before lunch. Physical servers, mind you. Old school. Have to rack and stack and power and cable them. Burn down an OS. If I can find a disk. Which I didn't. Or at least not the right one. For nearly three hours. Completely screwed by the wrong .iso image (since it was unlabeled) and my DVD burner (which killed a dozen disks.) Then the configuration dance. And the seemingly endless waltz of update-reboot-update-reboot. By the end of my day, I'd put in 12 hours behind the screens.  Missed my training. Missed a funeral for a coworker. And missed dinner with the family. But, if those servers didn't get built, I didn't get to go home. That's how things play out when the gaming floor is involved.

On the way to the car, a brief chuckle. Obscure little "my family" sticker. Vader as the father. Female storm trooper for the mother. And two young Jedi knights from the Clone Wars' cartoon. First time in hours I had laughed. Needed it. Reminded me: this too shall pass.

Could use more chuckles. And more reminders. All these woes, they too shall pass.

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