Sunday, April 28, 2013

Memphis In May 2013 Training - Week 3

Things did not look good for your Humble Narrator. Dark skies. Temperature dropping. Wind. Rain. And the usual excuses lingering behind the eyes. All these negatives coming together to bring training to a grinding halt. But, never let it be said that I didn't at least TRY...

Thankfully (this time) my efforts paid off. Although the ride to Robinwood bordered on frightening, the lake was relatively calm and lightning free. I put in a great (by my standards) swim, just over 30 minutes for 1800 meters (at a slowish pace.)

Then we changed into biking gear and hit the road. Lisa, Christine, and JG, too. Fairly dry, uneventful ride. With the exception of a dark blur that turned into a barky dog. But otherwise uneventful and satisfying. 

Wanted to run. (Right!) The weather, however, conspired against that. The clouds returned and I feared getting a mile down the road when another deluge hit. Soaking my phone. Exposing me to the chance of a lightning strike. Neither of which sounded pleasant. 

So I called it a day. Picked up some chocolate recovery juice on the ride home. And ended my weekend on a quiet note.

Half way to Memphis!

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