Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Spring Reunion 2013

A rare treat brought several of us old friends today  Bryan Hunt came into town, with his girls Abbie & Lanie. Robbie Blue & Pat Wilz showed up. I brought Meg with me.

Started off at Bryan's hotel, playing Munchkins with the whole crew. The girls were especially amazing. Picking up the rules so quickly, helping out everyone, and being so amazingly generous. Completely un-like a couple of boys locked in pre-pubescent combat as they one-up each other. Much much easier to deal with little girls. Was a great time.

After a hard-fought game (Your Humble Narrator won, with the help of Lady Gaga) we went to Long Beach, for dinner. Settled at Harbor View. The girls all coloring and talking at one end. The mens all talking and playing at the other. Pat whipped out a game called Coup. Robbie won, by one coin. And we all enjoyed dinner afterward. With the girls packing in some ice cream and begging not to leave until they spent some more time together.

Ended up playing a completely different card game, back at the hotel lobby. Pretty simple rules with a simple objective. Your Humble Narrator won four out of four games. And then we threw in the towel.

An all around great night. Times like this I wished more of the old gang lived down here. But South Mississippi is an acquired taste. And some of the crew were able to escape with their sanity intact. The rest of us suffer our sanity or wallets, or both. But the rate reunion is a welcomed escape from our individual realities. Hopefully, it won't be so long before the next one.

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