Tuesday, October 22, 2013

An Unvacation Day

Meg's play (Godspell) technically opened today. I chauffeured her around from the performing arts school (where they performed their first show before a live audience) to the Long Beach Middle School (where they did their first road show.) And that construed most of my vacation day.

Some other highlights of my unvaction.

  • First day without Ibuprofen. Probably because I ran out? Main complaint today: my back.
  • Quick nap on the sofa resulted in a gnarly cramp in my neck.
  • Visited my parents and proceeded to watch their computer fail to boot up for almost an hour. We had the system for nearly two months without any problems. Once my parents get their hands on it, it cannot make it two weeks without getting crapped up and/or dying.
  • Trailed Uncle Earl to a car repair shopped that he didn't end up using.
  • Liam's English teacher asked him about writing a paper to get a grant from MS Power.
  • I should add "plumber" to my resume since I apparently have toilet-repair skills.
  • I need another day off just to do the things I didn't do today.
And it is back to the office tomorrow...

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