Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Mid way through

Mid way through the week and there's no sign of applying the brakes.

  • My feet have got to be bruised. Somewhere. On some level. When I rub my toes, on the bottom, the bones ache. And despite multiple showers on Saturday and showers each night, my feet still look dirty. As if they're tattooed with mud.
  • Biked another 20 miles. Felt good.Ramping up for a 72 mile ride in two weeks.
  • Liam read his English paper for his class. His guy friends talking about the appearance of his moustache. How long before he shaves for the first time?
  • Meg finally has a day off. Poor Red. Her only day off this week.
  • Cindy's picture with Kris finally shows up. Hands to yourself, Whistler!

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