Saturday, October 18, 2008

Gulfport Fall Faire

Gulfport School District had a big Fall Faire today. Cindy and I took Cousin Alex, Meg, and Liam. Beautiful weather and good company made for a fun day at the park.

First Liam got to meet a bunch of real firemen and put out a pretend fire with a real hose. (I like the little rainbow coming off the nozzle, in the picture.)

Then the kids were able to climb into the firetruck and see what is like to sit behind the wheel and steer the whole thing. Of course they wanted to flip every switch, blow the horn, and talk on the radio. Meg also wanted to see "the fire dog." I couldn't bear to tell her the truth, so I said they left it at the firehouse to guard everything while they were out. That won't her approval.

Next, the tattoos. On their face. Liam got a big orange G, for Gulfport. Meg got a bunch of colors and swirls and flowers. Not sure what Alex got. But she got her ink, too.

And then we treated them to some cotton candy. Which scored big points.

There were also some rides and information booths (one showing a simulated pair of lungs after a couple of years of smoking.) Meg and Cindy had some pizza. Liam fired a robot-mounted air cannon at a bail of hay. And the various schools gave away books and magazines to encourage reading for everyone.

We escaped with our sanity and without anyone crying. That's a major victory, in my book.

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