Wednesday, October 01, 2008

MOVIE: Mr Woodcock

Three word review: side-splittingly funny!

Billy Bob Thornton played a demon (Mr Woodcock) straight out of my past. Seann William Scott plays the Successful New-Age Self-Love writer (John Farley) that I thankfully (?) didn't turn out to be. And Susan Sarandon (Beverly) did a great job NOT being my Mom. (That would have totally harshed my mojo.) A comedic master piece. Wildly under-reviewed and under-appreciated. I may BUY this one just so I can refresh my memory on the near-endless stream of taunts that Mr Woodcock drops on the poor defenseless gym students.It was just THAT good.

Acting was great. The role of Mr Woodcock was perfect. If it weren't  a light-hearted comedy, Billy Bob would have been up for some awards. Seann William Scott played a somewhat predictable role. No awards for him. And Sarandon gave an honest but unimpressive performance. Mr Woodcock easily stole the show and I'd pay money to see an entire two hour follow-up dedicated solely to him.

Direction wasn't too risky or ground breaking. The pacing felt about right. But the dialog... (sigh) couldn't get enough of that. Resonated well with me and my oh-so-joyful memories of being the smallest, skinniest, least coordinated kid in the state. Plenty of pleasant flashbacks, there.

Few special effects to speak of. An interesting plot. Lightly predicable. But eventually a very fulfilling battle between good and evil. And more quotes than I could begin to remember. I'll have to see it several times to truly appreciate the depth of the humility Mr Woodcock was able to deliver to his kids.

Date flick? Yeah. On a less-than-serious night. Kid flick? Not for anyone below mid-teens. But then again, in today's "kinder & gentler" school environment, I don't think the current generation will actually understand the subtly of the hatred a wussy kid can feel for their gym coach. That timeless feeling is reserved for "special" people. At least that's what I tell myself to get through the day.

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