Monday, October 13, 2008

MindSpring Revisited - Less Lincoln

To borrow from Churchill, Less Lincoln is a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma. A modern day Ronnin in search of a worthy Shogun. Never on the same adventure twice. And rarely giving any glimpses of what lurks behind the darkness of his shades.

Less was one of those guys I really wanted to hang out with. However I could never muster the strength to stay up THAT late or drink THAT much. But almost without fail, if I ever found myself in the Vortex, he was either already waiting, or not far behind. And his tab was measured by the pound.

Less pings me from time to time. Usually an obscure technology article, or a link to one of his adventures. I caught up with him via email and here are his updates, in his own words:
  • How were you involved with MindSpring?
    I worked my way from dialup support to emperor of the know universe, otherwise known as Acting director for the Mindspring Eathlink NOC.
  • What was one of your favorite adventures at MindSpring?
    one main. nuff said.
    or the 3com party where they ran out of beer and palm pilots, and the mood turned ugly. so they got waay more beer.
  • Share a memorable event from MindSpring?
    the excite Pal Chat where I told Kelly she was too young for me. Apparently it made her determined.
  • What is something other SpringHeads might not have known about you in those days?
    I only started working there to pay for my practice space for Superstar Pillowfight
  • Why did you part ways with MindSpring?
    despite outlasting some questionable directors, I was apparently too junior for my job. so they put in a consultant over me, and wondered why service went to hell. A guy can only take so much.
  • What are you up to these days?
    I build datacenters and engineering teams for Google.
  • Did you learn any lessons at MndSpring that you still carry with you?
    CV&Bs go a long way, if you actually pay attention to them.
  • Come up with a unique question of your own.
    What really went on behind the elevator ?
Yo! Good question, about the elevator. That hit me like a forgotten Vietnam flashback. Thanks, Less!

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