Wednesday, October 01, 2008

George's Last Milestone

Since I'm the only one keeping score, it is my esteemed honor to announce that George W. Bush officially entered the record books today. He bravely lead the total debt of the United States of America to Ten Trillion Dollars.

The actual number as of 5 seconds ago is: $10,024,724,896,912.49.

Or $33,415.75 for every legal citizen in America.

Click here for details.

That, by the way, doesn't count any of the proposed $700,000,000,000 our elected officials want to give to the bankers and lobbyists for their bad investments.

That, also, doesn't include any future costs for the "War On Terror."

And, that doesn't include any future costs for the care and nurturing of the brave men and women already wounded during the "War On Terror." No estimate of the cost of their health care is factored into the current deficit.

Ten Trillion Dollars of debt.

Congratulations, Mister Bush. You've done a fine job here. Something your kids and mine can be proud of. Fantastic job. Excellent. Thanks, buddy.

Four more years, I say! Let's get McCain elected to pick up where Bush left off. We could still squeeze out some money for occupying Iran. Right? Still plenty we can do to fix those low unemployment numbers. Right? Perpetuate that "American Dream" of home ownership. Right?

Ten Trillion dollars. And some loose change.

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