Sunday, June 07, 2009

Beetle Build - Back Seat Support

The main "battery pack" on the Beetle contains 13 lead acid batteries. For a total of 156V of combined power going through the lines, over the terminals, and through the battery bars. Two of those batteries are under the back seat. (A lone 12V battery on the driver's side is for all the non-motor electical systems like lights and radio and such.) One of Roger's concerns was that an old iron spring might get too compressed and get too close to a line and the electricity would arc.

So we isolated the batteries with a hand-built box made of 3/4" treated plywood. It was Roger's design and my handy work. The back seat will sit up slightly higher, but it will have a much better support system under it. And no lightning will arc through that much wood.

Once it gets covered by the upholstery guy, it will look like it was made in the factory, as part of the original construction. And I'll sleep better knowing nobody risks a shock in the buttocks.

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