Monday, June 08, 2009

Rat Trap

The kids have been (mostly) good lately. And Cindy has been babysitting them for the better part of two weeks. So I figured I'd treat everyone to something different. The kids got to pick where they wanted to hang out and Cindy got the night off from the family.

Imagine this, the kids picked Chuck E Cheese for dinner. Even though it was barely busy (only one party:) the place was too loud, the prices were too high, the food took far too long to come out, and the salad bar didn't have any Italian dressing. But the kids had a fantastic time at the rat trap.

Meanwhile Cindy had wine and nachos and a modified Girls Night at her Mom's house. Bunch of cackling women and too much wine. But she came back smiling.

I actually enjoyed spending a couple of hours doing nothing and not being responsible for anything (other than the kids' getting fed and not getting wounded.) I'll have to do that more often. Seemed to recharge all of us.

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