Thursday, June 11, 2009

Mi, oh mi!

Okay, this thing is freaking uberimpressive. I'm out of town and can't get a LAN connection anywhere. No 802.11 wireless to be found. Me without connctivity is like Hugh Hefner without a smoking jacket. So I'm itching and jonesing for a fix.

Buddy of mine whips out this Verizon MiFi widget and plops it on the table. It is the size of a credit card, but maybe a quarter inch thick. Push the lone button on the front and it creates a wireless bridge to Verizon's nation-wide wireless network. Suddenly I go from 0Kb/sec to 1Mb/sec! And five people can link to this thing without killing the connection.

Wow, wow, and wow! Hot like salsa picante bananna funkystein. Hair of the dog that bit me. And I'm back online.

Have to pick up one of these beauties. Highly recommended to everyone in geekdom. It's a digital lifesaver.

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