Thursday, June 11, 2009

Dining Out

I like to eat. And when I go out of town, I like to eat interesting foods that I can't get back home. So tonight I GPS'ed some Thai food. Trusting my stomach to a hunk of plastic and its digital logic. Fortunately my first experiment was a success. The restaurant (Thai Kitchen) turned out to be a very nice, family owned business. I ordered their Pad-See-U with some Thai Iced Tea. Both were excellent. And the portions were huge. I had enough for three meals! Great food and a quiet experience. Will certainly visit again next time I'm in town.

After the main course, I was strolling back to my car when I noticed a pub a few doors down the way. Looked busy and I could use a pint to end the night. Interesting place. Packed to the rafters. So loud I could feel my pulse in my ears. Ordered a tall glass of Woodchuck PEAR cider. The glass and cider so cold my fingers grew numb. Sooooo tasty. Nothing like it on the Coast. And then I noticed it was an almost entirely male crowd. Very few women. And those few were clustered together like lost school girls. Then I noted the odd fashion of the other guys. Leather flip flops. Torn bluejeans with the back pockets ripped off. And shirts just a bit too tight on some folks.

With a chuckle, I finished the second half of my glass and called it a night. Odd crowd. I'll sat that much for sure.

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