Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Slept much better. Almost touched seven hours. Rare treat for this old geek. Such a difference.

Swam at the gym. 1400 meters. Twenty eight laps. Not graceful. Or  energetic. Wanted 1600 meters. But couldn't clear my head. All these fears of open water. Not seeing or touching the bottom. A fear of sinking. My heart coming up in my throat. Paralyzed. Dropping into the depths. Not the good fear, either. The bad stuff. Filling me with doubts.

Liam's picked up some classes at the gym. Parisi. Hoping it improves his abilities. Maybe he'll develop some physical skills at an early age. Unlike his old man. Cindy does cardio while waiting on him, On her own quest. Meg does ballet and jazz on Mondays. Cheerleading on Wednesday & Saturdays. All of us getting fit.Whoddah thunk?

If only I could sleep as well as them each night...

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