Thursday, October 21, 2010

Sarte wrote

"We are our choices." 

Sarte haunts me. But I get him. Now. Only took 30+ years. But I get him. 

It comes down to choices. We are each the product of our choices. Good and bad. If I'd married the first girl I loved, I wouldn't have the children I have now. If I'd never read and memorized Shakespeare, I wouldn't have the bride I have now. If I'd never been caught in corporate "downsizing," I wouldn't have been so willing to leave Atlanta to rejoin my family and friends on The Gulf Coast. What seemed soul rending becomes a blessing, over time. And what appeared golden fades. We make these choices so flippantly, not realizing the potential impacts later. But everything we are or will be is based on our choices. 

It is just a matter of making the right ones at the right time. 

Therein lies my rub.

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