Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Should have known. When I need it the most, I'm denied sleep.

Started with the dog. At 11P, Meg sashays out of her room and says, "Look who I found!" Then proceeds to fire up the crying and complaining machine, until I let her go into our bed, and sleep next to her mother.

At midnight, I try to put Meg in her own room. Just as her head touches her own bed, she bolts wide awake. Then proceeds to fire up the crying and complaining machine. Cindy won't go in Meg's room, so once again Meg is back in our room.

I try to sleep on the sofa. But that damn dog. It starts SNORING. And by 1AM, I can't take it. Slip back into my room. Where Meg wakes up and starts fussing.

For most of the next five hours, I get kicked and punched seemingly every couple of minutes And after the fight, I have to get up and go to work, for an early downtime. Being so sleepless is like being hungover without the pleasure of drinking the night before.

And my insomniac's hangover lasts all day.

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