Saturday, November 10, 2012

Liam's Symphony Training

Late night becomes an early morning. Up with Liam, driving to Hattiesburg, MS.

Liam's strings instructor invited him to USM's Fall symphony training. To  listen to one of the world's greatest bass players, hang out with other musicians, and pick up some additional tips and techniques.

Hopefully, some of it stuck in his head. He already understands so much about music that it boggles my mind. And the way he intuits everything, from one instrument to another, is nothing short of amazing. Gifted, talented kid. Doing my best to keep involved and motivate him. Not easy when it's a teenager involved. But he stuck with it. Even though he was the youngest person there. And rocked during the two hour jam session.

Long but pleasant day. Nearly twelve hours from beginning to end. With some Mugshot's thrown in, for lunch. Kept me distracted from the cauldron of anger and rage boiling behind my eyes.

If I can heal and keep from going super nova for a couple of weeks, maybe I'll be able to put all this behind me. And, maybe not.

Good day though. Taking them one at a time.

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