Monday, June 10, 2013


Some days, work is endless. Voracious. Could have stayed sixteen hours without reaching the bottom of my private rabbit hole. Ninety grand in new systems  to install. A dozen old servers to decommission and remove. Power to redistribute. Networking to untangle. Planning for applications. And migrations. And upgrades. (sigh)

In the middle of that digital whirlwind, a drive flies offline. Recovery from that flop. Vendors constantly nipping and crying like hungry little bluejays. "How's your cloud?" asks the Prez as he passes. Tickets flooding the queue. Two hour meetings. Conference calls. Surprise visits from lost Las Vegas VPs. The cell phone bleeping. Instant messenger chirping. Emails. Emails. Emails.

Kids home from school. Meg fighting a cold. Cindy's battle to finish her degree. I need to plan dinner for Wednesday. I need to take Meg to the doctor. I need to print up study guides. I need to finish the taxes. I need to worry about the air conditioner. I need to find ways to cut my spending. I need to be more helpful. I need to stop being selfish. And I need to ignore the ever present call of training.

It is all endless.

But at least I'm never bored.

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