Thursday, June 06, 2013

So What Next For Bello Noch

It isn't every day that you look to discover a helicopter hovering outside your office window. Let alone one dangling a zoot suit wearing clown with a red, foot high mohawk. Upside down. Only his toes keeping him from falling hundreds of feet. To certain death.

But that is how Bello Nock heralded the beginning of a new month-long show at Beau Rivage.

How boring was the rest of this guy's day? One minute he is spitting in the face of gravity and dangling his nuts from beneath a gas-powered whirligig and the next he is eating beans & corn bread in the bowels of a casino.

So what next for Bello Noch? Jump over a pool of electrified sharks while riding blindfolded on a burning unicycle? Juggle sticks of lit dynamite? Strip naked, drench himself in honey and Pop Rocks then run into a cave full of starving, methed-up Kodiak Grizzly bears?

And the best part? The man gets PAID to do these things. Always hoping he lives to collect his check. One near-death experience at a time.

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