Monday, June 03, 2013

Paleo Potatoes

Tried a new recipe tonight: Turkey & Spinach Stuffed Sweet Potatoes. (Stole it from Juli @ PaleOMG.) Pretty spur of the moment idea. Cindy asked me to pick up some groceries so she could make a salad. I offered to cook, instead. How could she refuse such a generous offer from Her Beloved? (HA!) Best of all, they turned out spectacularly delicious. Very surprised how well I did it. Though I did include an optional non-Paleo item: crumbled blue cheese. Cindy loved it. Actually thanked me multiple times. Ate the whole thing, down to the skin. And we have enough for tomorrow.

Started off with some bacon fat. Didn't actually have it on hand. So we cooked down a couple of strips (for breakfast tomorrow) and used the remains to saute down a yellow onion and two fresh cloves of garlic. Cooked those down until they were translucent. Great aroma and a hint of things to come.

While the potatoes were still baking, added a pound of ground turkey to the frying pan (Cindy's Grandmother's, she reminded me) and chopped it up with a wooden spoon. Added some spices. A couple of table spoons of Sriracha. Keep chopping and mixing. Keep it covered to retain the flavors and tenderness.

Once the turkey and spices were mostly cooked through, I added an entire bag
of spinach to the top. Couldn't even see anything other than veggies, at first. Fortunately the greens cook down enormously. And by the time the potatoes were done, the stuffing was complete and (if I do say so myself) beautiful.

Pulled put the sweet potatoes. Sliced them in half. Took a fork to the innards. Added a tablespoon of grass-fed butter. And made mashed sweet potatoes. Topped off with a big ladle of the stuffing. Put some blue cheese in the middle, and voila, dinner for two.

Really proud of the dish. Eager for leftovers tomorrow. Will definitely make it again!

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