Sunday, March 29, 2009

Beetle Build - Battery Trays

Had a couple of custom alluminum battery trays fabricated. One in the front (first picture) holds four batteries (I put the second one in backwards!) and the whole collection sits over the area where the fuel tank used to be. We'll eventually put some equipment in the empty space, like a retractable extension cord (to the recharger) or a sweet car computer.

The tray behind the back seat (second picture) holds five batteries. Still have to mount it in place (though 175 pounds of lead acid batteries hold it down pretty well.) Debating about painting everything. To do that we'd have to un-do the whole setup. But it would look much sexier!

To hold two batteries in the back, on either side of the motor, Roger drafted up a pair of "saddlebags." (Third picture.) The fabrication turned out perfect, and the batteries fit snugly. In the picture, behind the saddlebags is a flat sheet of aluminum that will serve as a skid plate. It will block debris and water from coming up under the motor. At least in theory. It hasn't been mounted, yet.

We finished wiring up the battery pack and the high voltage system is complete. But in my excitement, I forgot to take pictures. I'll have to document that for posterity on Tuesday. I have to get one more battery and Roger will wire up the low voltage system. At which pount, we'll be able to spin the tires. Finally.

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