Saturday, March 28, 2009

Flash flooded

Another storm last night. This one brought even more rain. And we found ourselves flash flooded at one in the morning. Thankfully, it was mostly rain and very little thunder or lightning. The kids slept through it. Cindy and I complained. We're good at that these days.

In the morning, we discovered more limbs down. I had to remove one from the roof. The rest were outside our bedroom window. I'll clean them up tomorrow, or some other time when it is dry and I don't have to hike through soggy grass to get to it.

Made an interesting discovery while wandering on the roof. There's some kind of large, exposed pipe. It should probably have a cover over it. I don't know where it leads, but it probably doesn't need to have rainwater and/or stray animals invading it. I'll have to pick up some kind of widget to cap off the mystery tube. Hopefully I can show a picture of it to somebody at Lowe's and they'll tell me what to do.
Then, Cindy and I spent about five hours cleaning the garage. We did this because there was 2" of water in it last night. Every box in there was ruined. Several of my collectibles were ruined. And for certain, our day was ruin.

I'm way past the point of being tired and disenchanted. I think the last time I had a "day off" was last Father's Day, when Cindy and I went to Dustin, FL, for our first-ever vacation away from the kids. Since then, there has always been something on my plate each day and each weekend. It's my own fault for having so many projects and doing so much myself. But DAMN! I need some time to unwind and do absolutely nothing. And I don't think I'll be spared this Father's Day.

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