Friday, March 27, 2009

Lightning Fallout

Burned a vacation day and spent time dealing with the lightning fallout. Had to call the electric company since they're responsible for the outside power lines. Had to call the gas company who said everything should be good since we have manual valves and nothing was cooking when the lightning hit. Had to get an appliance guy over to check out the washer, drier, oven, microwave, stove, and confirm the range top is dead. And had to get some electricians over to confirm the wiring is still good (for 35+ year old wiring) and they also installed a whole-house surge protector.

Not how I wanted to use vacation time. But at least nobody was harmed. And my computer is still working!

Interestingly enough, just before she went to sleep, Cindy made an unusual discovery. She was cleaning in the kitchen when she spotted something strange on the face of the clock. Click the pictures for larger views. It looks like the bolt of lightning went from the power outlet (right of the clock) to the range top (left of the clock) and along the way it melted the plastic on the clock (by the number 3) and then singed the dish rack (by the number 6.) It left a trail of smoldering bread crumbs that we were able to follow.

Never a dull moment these days.

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