Thursday, March 05, 2009


I'm completely swamped, under-motivated, over-worked, stressed-out, and up to my eyeballs in drama. As a result, I haven't had any energy or spare braincells to document my adventures as of late. Hopefully I will catch up on them and retro-post some of the things I've documented with the Ye Ol' Blackberry. But I'm not sure when.

Liam's stomach issues continue to devour all our energy. He has acid reflux. He's incredibly consumed with fear that he will "get sick." Meaning he doesn't want to throw up. So he literally asks us every few minutes, "Am I going to be sick?" When he isn't asking that, he's reminding us, "I'm worried," or "I'm afraid," or "I'm scared." Hours and hours and hours of that. It saps our strength and disrupts work, school, and everything in between.
He's on a new med as of today that we hope helps.

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