Saturday, March 03, 2012

Bad & Good

Should have sensed it coming. Didn't sleep well last night. Horrible insomnia. Maybe four hours. Maybe. Then something of a disagreement with Cindy. Resulted in a broken toe. My toe. The pinky. Left foot. Of course I didn't discover that particular affliction until after the adrenaline wore off. After spinning. After an hour of lifting. Odd pain, though. Only hurt when I was on sitting flat, not doing anything active. Biked sixteen miles on it. So I got that going for me. Eventually I confessed the wound to Nurse Cindy. And she taped it up. Which made it hurt even worse. But that's medicine. And the pain helped clear my head. A nap helped, too. 

Later, we took the kids to The Hard Rock for a pretty cool special event. The Southern Chamber Orchestra played with Flash Cadillac. So we had an old, 60s band playing rock with backup performed by a 62-piece orchestra. Beach Boys. Elvis. Beatles. And lots of others I couldn't identify. Kids enjoyed it. Cindy and I enjoyed it. Good time for the whole family. Great way to end the night with a minimum of woe and drama. 

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