Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Traditions Training - Update #3

I don't like flying solo. But it was perfect weather. Perfect temperature. And Ol Jon needs to train, train, train. So I did what needed to be done: hit the course by myself.

Good swim. More strength. Better breathing. Much more accurate course control. Only stopped once, about midway. And finished strong. Real happy with my continued progress in the lake. Certainly shaping up for a nice swim on Saturday.

Hit the bike route. Thought I did well the first half. Good aero. Good pacing. Managed the hills correctly. Averaged over 19MPH. But gassed out on the long uphill as I returned. Should have stood up sooner. Powered through to the top. Mis-timed it. Mis-geared it. Slowed down far too much. And the second half of my ride dragged my average down to 17.75MPH. Better than my time last year, but not the 18MPH I wanted.

Didn't run. Saving my shins for Saturday. If I did 2 miles on Sunday without any woe, 3 miles on Saturday is doable.

Doubt I do any additional training between now and Saturday. Mostly going to recover, stretch, and hydrate. Should be a good first race. And a good season to follow.

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