Saturday, March 24, 2012

Out And About

Rains finally stopped. Thought about hitting the gym. But wanted to have plenty of strength for tomorrow. So I took the kids out for some wandering. Rolled to the eyeglass shop, which seems like a near-weekly event, to straighten Meg's spectacles. Next door, Office Depot. Kids checked out some technology. I picked up a 16GB USB stick. Some experimentation with that later. Over to Academy Sports. Helmets for the kids. A battery for my bike computer. And the kids check out the Airsoft / Paintball guns. Finally over to Cracker Barrel for some aimless browsing. Liam spots an accordion. And, of course, within seconds of picking it up he figures out the notes and starts playing songs on it. So I eyeballed the old fashioned Candy. Liam played the accordion. And Meg found a Happy Cow.

When we looked up, three hours had passed. Thought it was a good time. Hope the kids did, too.

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