Thursday, March 22, 2012

My Adventure Of Turning 41

Started my adventure of turning 41 with a couple of super cool cards from the kids. Liam reminded me I'm old, but not crusty. And Meg made a card from the future, whereupon I would have my head placed atop a robot's body. That, I said, should help with my triathlons! Great sentiments from everyone, and a pair of compression socks for training purposes as my gift.

Later that evening, I cruised with Ye Ol Hodge to The Filling Station. Nothing helps a man accept his age like beer, friends, and sugar. Got all three today. Server lass Tiffany sang. Server lass Courtney brought a slice of Snickers pie to ease my pain. And the Woodchuck kept me warm. Good times. Just what the doctor ordered.

Other notable events included: a surprise serenade from Mary Cracchiolo Spain, a song from my niece Morgan, nearly 50 comments on Facebook, a call from Kim Hall, a call from John G, and a complete lack of any training other than 20oz curls.

I said it numerous times today, but I'll immortalize it in writing: carbon dating puts me at 41, but I feel closer to 31. And that is an excellent present for any man!

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