Sunday, February 24, 2013

Celebrating Early

Meg's birthday isn't until tomorrow, but we took an opportunity to celebrate early. Her Maternal Grandfather, Robert, has a birthday two days after Meg's. So it isn't uncommon for us to get together for them. Cindy was studying, so I brought the kids. Darren and his family beat us there. Robert & Granny Pam arrived after church.

Took a moment to snap a picture of Liam and his Grandfather. How tall is that kid getting?  Won't be long before he's taller than Robert. And hopefully one day taller, stronger, and faster than me. (Which won't be much of a challenge.) Before I know it, the kid will be driving. (sigh) And I'm still getting used to the thought that: I have a teenager.

Lunch went well. Meg & Alex had fun. Liam & Tolar had a good time. I talked with Lindsay about running. Daren & Amy relaxed for a while. Super proud of Meg for eating an entire order of ribs. (Kids' sized.) To celebrate the co-birthday, she shared a slice of cake with Robert. Though I think she ate most of it.

Thankful for slow Sundays with the family. Enjoying it while it lasts.

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