Friday, February 08, 2013

Fitness Friday - Start Small

It took me a long time and many (MANY!) attempts to get find a successful starting point for a fit lifestyle. Over and over, across multiple years, I tried to lift too much, too often. I tried to run too far, too fast. And I tried to swim without any outside influence or advice. What was I doing wrong? Starting too big. I based my goals on somebody else's abilities, instead of having reasonable expectations suited to my existing level of fitness.

The solution was to start smaller. To be put aside my pride and  train at a level that would allow me to gradually improve. if I could only run a block, I only ran a block. If I could only curl 10lbs, I did a GREAT job of curling those ten pounds. And I stuck to realistic expectations of my own abilities.

Maybe you're not ready to run. Then get on the treadmill and walk. Gradually increase your speed. Gradually increase your distance. Or join a "Couch To 5K" group. Do light weights that you can manage. Gradually increase the repetitions. And increase the weight once you're comfortably able to do so. If you are like me, you're not a young, college athlete. And you trust me, it's very hard to train when you're sore, or injured. So start small. And pace yourself.

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