Friday, February 22, 2013

Fitness Friday - Do More

Here's my currently challenge, one I hear repeated by many folks around me: How do I continue to improve? (Often a mutation of: how do I lose more weight?)

The answer to that question is surprisingly simple: Do more than you are doing now.

I improved my 5K times by training 10K distances. I improved my 600m swim improved by training first 1000m, then 2000m, and these days I usually train 3000m. I improved my average biking speed by adding time to my rides. And most folks that spend time in the gym know there's always room for more once you reach a plateau.

How does it apply to weightloss? The same plateau effect holds true. If you reach a point where you're not losing weight or making gains on your performance,  there's an easy way to get off your plateau: do more.

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