Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Blues & Beer

Some folks are in town from Detroit, MI, for training. Wanted to take them somewhere that speaks to the flavor of the South. Food, decor, music, service. Some place unique that they could not find within 600 miles of their home town. So I took them to The Quarter, in Gulfport. A favorite hangout of mine. Top notch on all fronts. And surprisingly affordable.

Luther Wamble & Buzzin Cuzzins was playing. I swear I saw Luther 15yrs ago, in Moble, AL. He's improved with age. Makes blues look effortless and beautiful. Over, these guys are dark blues Gods. An unholy trio of funktastic swamp-bred awesomeness. Missing their performance is akin to missing the second coming of Jesus. If Ray Charles, Jimi Hendrix, and Bruce Lee had a baby with Lemmy from Motorhead, it would be a triple delivery starring Buzzin Cuzzins.

And the bass player has a 'stache so cool it could halt the Recession. I want my goatee to marry that sweet 'stache and give birth to a thunderous   Lemmy-style lovechild.

And the food? Gumbo, oysters done four ways, voodoo shrimp, crab cakes, and some nummy sammiches. All of which met with high praise. Not a crumb was left behind. Detroit loved it. Bob even said, "I want to make love to this bowl of gumbo!"

A fine night. Beer, blues, good food, and friends. All that is good in life.

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