Saturday, March 06, 2010

Wants New

She needs a new adorable haircut and a new girl to do it.

She needs to figure out how to redo Liam's floor this summer. Even though I know  how to do it.

She needs a new house with more space because her closet is full of too many clothes and photos.

She doesn't want to go to the party tonight because she doesn't have anything to wear.

She needs her Mom to help her decide what to wear.

She needs new boots. Wants a $300 pair. But would accept a $150 pair.

She needs to wax her hands because they are so dry from chemicals and taking care of kids this week.

She needs a different outfit because the black one won't work in this cold weather.

She doesn't want to go to my favorite non-smoking bar. Even though she doesn't have any cigarettes.

She doesn't want to watch anything up front. Especially not a show about building cars.

...that's all,  for today.

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