Sunday, March 07, 2010

Longest Day

Started with a visit to First United Methodist Church. Liam was Acolyting. Then he sang. We took communion. (Yes, me too! (Gotta set the right example for the kids. (No, I didn't not combust!))) Moved on to a side trip. Me & the kids. (She was off doing whatever she does when she's off.) Picked up my Mom and drove to see Great Grandma. She had just received an unannounced visit from some strangely-overweight hobo decked out in brown gloves and a "turban" (which you and I would call a dew-rag, but Great Grandma has decided to call a turban.) Upon seeing the stranger, Great Grandma immediately pointed to the neighbors house and say, "You want to go over there. Not here!" And as the confused tramp slowly walked away, she called the cops. A few minutes later, as we drove to Subway for some super nummy five dollar foot longs, we spotted two cops and an ambulance crowded around said-wayward-traveler. Some quick sammiches and we stopped by the Cajun Crawfish Shack to get something for Mom. But she nearly withered to a retiree husk before the cook went out into the Gulf, caught the shrimp himself, cleaned it, and cooked it nearly an hour after it was ordered. Aunt Mert showed up. Cousin Bobby showed up. We left Mom and her fresh shrimp behind to chat them up. Then stumbled across Grave Digger. Yeah, the real one. Alcohol-injected 1500HP monster truck that surprising parks outside Autozone and lets pre-pubescent kids sit inside while their carpet-burned parents can take their. Home again. Briefly. Liam visits a friend. Meg and I travel to Blockbuster for chocolate-covered Peeps and Julie & Julia. Home all too briefly to re-assemble the team. Before heading off to a talent show / pot luck dinner. Meg does the alphabet backwards. Liam plays his upright base. Cousin Alex does interpretive dance.

After an 11hr day, we're done. Just hope the hobo didn't land in jail. But he shouldn't tangle with Great Grandma.

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