Thursday, March 04, 2010

Combat & Training

Must be approaching a year since Conficker broke out. And I'm still in the trenches with it. Every day. New solutions. Yet new infections. Spanning the WAN. Some rouge somewhere out there re-infecting my systems. Fortunately, just low end stuff. Nothing serious. Still. Time consuming. Cumbersome. And embarrassing for a computer guy to struggle in this tarpit for so long. Looking to the day we crawl out of the muck. And move on with our lives.

On a positive note, found my way back to the gym for a second time. Abs. Forearms. Cardio. 2.5 mile run. Almost 400 calories. My foot held together. Though I couldn't keep the same pace I set a month ago. It will come back. In time. I'll get there. Hopefully without pain.

Funny how we (or at least I) spent decades ignoring our health at the price of profit. And then we spend years of sweat, toil, and money trying to reclaim what we so gladly abandoned. Which always leads to my current regret: not caring about my health until my late 30s. I could have, should have, started sooner. And how different would my life have been? What could I have accomplished for myself?

I just hope I can teach the kids to learn from my mistakes. Show them the errors of my ways. Help them break the cycle. And lead the healthy life I never lead. That would make me proud. Actually, prouder. They're already my greatest accomplishments. I just want them to be even greater.

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