Tuesday, March 02, 2010

On Healthcare Reform

America wants to wave a magic wand and magically be able to do several extremely difficult feats:

  1. Cover "everyone." Unfortunately  though we've turned into a country where a significant percentage of the population does not want to spend "their money" on "those people" who just want "something for nothing." The people who want it call it "universal healthcare." The people who don't call it, "socialism."
  2. Provide more options. Which could mean less time in the ER to some folks. Or quicker access to more specialists for other people.
  3. Provide cheaper options. Everyone wants to pay less.
Here's how I look at covering everyone: sick Americans hurt everyone at some level. If we're less productive that we already are, we're worth less. And some sick folks have this nasty ability to make OTHER Americans sick. We should fix everyone. It is better for all of us. Oh, oh! "They" shouldn't get my tax dollars. "They" are getting too many "free rides." And it is just another step toward "socialism." If we're going to abolish all forms of social programs, we're going to have to take it beyond socialized medicine. We're going to have to remove other programs like... the police... the post office... our roads... the fire department... the Army... the Navy... the Airforce... the Marines. All of those are social programs And every American benefits from them. 

As for money, that's a joke. As a country, we spend more money per person to get less medical coverage than any other country on Earth. We're spend 15% of our GDP on health care. We spend 5% on "defense." And healthcare-related deaths are far and away the #1 killer in America.

And here's a real crazy idea: Be a healthy country! Promote healthy eating habits. Promote healthy activity. Promote pro-active medical habits.We got a cigarette smoking POTUS with cholesterol issues. Let's start there. How about our leader shows us that personal healthcare starts with personal responsibility? Maybe then we'll see costs and lines go down. 

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