Sunday, November 07, 2010

Being Able To See

When you're used to being blind for six months, there's something magical about suddenly being able to see. Swimming with my new goggles was surreal. So many new factors to absorb: seeing the other side of the pool, seeing the bottom so clearly, watching the form of my own shadow, noticing the bubbles in my wake as I turn, the slower pace of each lap since I'm able to focus on the bottom moving below me. Weirdest of all, the length of the pool seemed insanely shorter. As if being able to see had suddenly compressed the space.

In my excitement, I set a new personal record: swimming 600 meters non-stop. That was my third set. The first two were 500 meters each. Previously I was doing 4 x 400 meters. The new goggles inspired me. At least in the pool. Hopefully they inspire a similar improvement in open water.

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