Saturday, November 06, 2010

In Forty Degrees

I like sleeping late on the weekend. I do not like rising before the sun. Or layering on a pile of clothes while sliding into shorts. Frost on the car windows. No coffee. And I'm in Ocean Springs, MS, getting ready to ride in forty degrees. Small price to pay for health, I suppose. The day did heat up. We rode about fifteen miles. Talking and cruising through the harbor and park and the Visitor's Center. A tough couple of hills. Then back again. Nothing too difficult. But a good ride. Meeting folks and talking. And planning for a longer, harder ride next week. 

Home by lunch time. Dinner at Juan Tequila's. Left the leftovers on the table. Bryce stayed the night. Cindy in bed early. I can't sleep. Nothing new under the sun.

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