Thursday, November 11, 2010

Surrounded By Heroes

Work was cheerfully interrupted by a humbling and emotionally moving Veteran's Day ceremony. Gerald N (NE Manager) was the Master Of Ceremonies. Jeff P (NE Tech) was a Color Guard. I was proud to have them representing not only IT but also our entire property and our community. Their amazingly diverse military experience (Gerald as a SpecOps sniper, Jeff in his sixteenth year as a National Guardsman) made my Country Mouse life feel sheltered and insignificant.

Also gave thanks and praise to several other employees such as a Player's Club executive who served in 320 combat missions in Baghdad, Iraq. His toursconcluded when an IED went off near him, taking most of his hearing and earning him a Bronze Star. Another employee, served in Cambodia in 1959. He and 220 other soldiers were captured then held as POWs until 1964. Only he and 39 other soldiers returned home safely. One of the final employees recognized during the ceremony had fought in the Battle of Normandy! I think he was on a bomber that was shot down, crashed, and he survived, earning FIVE purple hearts and a Silver Star.

I live in a small town. It is a small community. We're fairly simple folks. And yet I'm surrounded on all sides by heroes.

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