Sunday, November 07, 2010

Three Dreams

I usually do not remember my dreams. Did when I was younger. Seems like twenty years without. And last night, I have three. Remembered each:
  • Wading through my silly assortment of daily sites and links and RSS feeds, when the pieces start to snap together. I stumble across a quixotic, ghostly trail leading (remember this is a damn dream!) ultimately to the Holy Grail. Cobble my limited cash together. Draw some maps. Conceive some silly plans to snatch this thing and share it with the world. Ended up writing a note to Cindy. And fleeing for the road. On my quest to get the grail. 
  • Meg finding a new pet. Like a grimy black civet. Turns out to be some escaped test subject from a government-funded bio weapons experiment. It starts spewing ichor. Meg gets caught by a stray drop. Ghastly transformation. Followed by black helicopters and agents. And I'm raging outside an unmarked hospital demanding to see my child. 
  • Geekiest of the three dreams, I find myself in possession of an Iron Man-esque suit of high tech men's ware. But rather than zipping around the globe rescuing kittens & widows, I sit at home, eyeballing the neighbor, who has a black set of armor. I spent my time eyeballing this guy, to see if he'd be a villain or a hero. He was neither. And my time in my suit was for naught.
Anyway. I slept. And I had dreams. Both rare treats. Figured I'd capture the details before they are written in the water of my mind.

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