Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Typical Lunch

Part of this self-inflicted and self-described "lifestyle change" of mine is a divergence away from tasty, filling, and enjoyable foods towards something healthy, quite bland, and boring. I usually skip anything fried or drowning in fat or bad carbs, like white bread, white pasta, pizza, etc.

Take today's lunch, for example. Extremely typical of what I've been eating for months. Grilled turkey & swiss on whole wheat. Veggies. (Red potatoes and whole kernel corn today.) Small salad. And some fruit for dessert. (A quartered pear this time.)

This style of eating may be better for me, but it rapidly grows boring. Especially when the cravings hit. Fierce, prolonged cravings for things like chili cheese dogs, or burgers with blue cheese and butter-sauteed onions. Well-marbled steaks paired with a fully-loaded potato. French fries fresh from the oil, covered in cheese and bacon and gingerly dipped in full-fat Ranch dressing. Those kinds of cravings whisper to me. Endlessly. Even now I hear their distant voices. Calling me to indulge. To grow fat and old with them. They'll make me happier, they say.  Oh so much happier than any salad or soup could.

Each day those voices grow louder. Harder to resist..

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