Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Happiness Is ...

Happiness Is ...

... Talking to a friend and learning I'm more depressed about her breakup than she is. Sometimes, it works out better for both parties involved. I may not agree, but I can be happy that she isn't distraught or floundering for sanity, like I would be.

... A long, sweaty, challenging spin class. Soaked down to my knees. 150BPM. And in this moment, I am happy.

... the fine fine Irish singing voice of my bride.

... My beautiful daughter running for 3rd Grade Class President.

... My dashing son rocking all A's at school. (Though the villain and his friends have recently been disrupting the class.)

Happiness is not "stuff." Happiness is not drama. Or worry. Or regret.

Happiness is enjoying "the now." Being thankful for what you have. And loving your friends and family, while you can.

Me? I'm happy!

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