Sunday, May 05, 2013

Cinco 2013

Day two of constant studying for Cindy. Laundry and shoe shopping for the rest of us. Shoe Carnival not open until ELEVEN! Michaels in the meanwhile. Where they have two aisles of yarn and hundreds of different kinds of glitter. Thankfully a Carnival salesperson makes my life easy by measuring Little Sasquatch's feet (he's a size eight for those keeping score) and finding a good (ie: cheap!) match for his only-worn-three-times old pair. Then a hotly debated visit to Raising Cane's for lunch. The kiddos were all worked up about it. My first visit. And I felt guilty just LOOKING at it. Fried chicken strip sammich and french fries. Couldn't bring myself to drink a soda and yet I was still burdened with excessive guilt for effectively negating much of my recent training by eating such metabolic atom bombs. Sure, sure, the strips were good. But fried + battered + tatters = NOT caveman approved. Poor choice on my part. I'll regret it for days, but sometimes we have to forgive ourselves for our trespass.

Then I was off to the lake, for triathlon training. Get out of the car and cannot find my swim gear. No goggles. No earplugs. No towel. I'd left them at home. Plenty of offers to borrow from friends, but nobody has prescription goggles of my caliber. And not being able to see the shore is a deal breaker. So I sit there while everyone swims. Followed by a double tough ride into the wind. We averaged maybe 14MPH against 10MPH winds. One of the other riders couldn't take much more. And our two hour ride slipped to one hour.

Ho hum. It is what it is. Back home to the kids and a thunderously loud Cinco De Mayo meal at one of the local Mexican eateries. Kids had their usual. Chicken (again) for the boy. Cheese enchilada for the girl Starving, I scarfed down a plate of steak fajitas (including the dang flour tortillas!) Bellies full, again, we rode home talking about genetics and astronomy and the potential for a one-way trip to Mars. Not bad for a day's work. Happy Cinco 2013! Whatever that represents...

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