Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Southern Gaming 2013

Once a year a casino-based convention comes to town: The Southern Gaming Expo. Vendors circling overhead like shrill, angry gulls. Property executives get tan to make the rounds. And free parties litter the night like beads after Mardi Gras. Free food and free drink? Sign me up! But... there's this whole non-drinking issue Jon's been wrestling with recently. And the non-drinking side of the brain won the fight with the pro-drinking side. So Jon didn't partake, but he did attend the biggest party of the week.

My old drinking partner, Tracy, was there. Haven't seen her in probably a year. Or more? She came down with Rex last year, I think? And before that, I was in Las Vegas. Anyway, she's over in Louisiana, now. New property (for her.) New role. Lots of challenges. Her GM was with her. So we didn't have much time to catch up. But now that she's two hours away, instead of two days, maybe we can meet in the middle (NEW ORLEANS!) some time and compare notes.

Also got to hang out with my online video game brother: Mikey, aka Ribo. He works for MS Gaming in Jackson. Since I missed last year's expo, I haven't seen him since 2011. But we rumble sometimes on Borderlands 2. (New expansion due soon!) His wife, Sam, was there. Telling me about her adventures with the Dept of Marine Resources down here. (Apparently a big scandal that I've only vaguely sniffed) The Right Honorable Judge Rob was with him. And his bride, Amanda. We talked about video games, gaming, getting older, taxes, schools, society, and my near-termination a while back. Good times, good food, and what looked like really good booze.

Already looking forward to next year. Maybe I'll be drinking again by that time...

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