Tuesday, May 14, 2013

WCC Ride 05/14/13 - Wherein Jon Gets Lost. Again.

Thought I'd do the 11 mile loop, solo. Listen to some Prodigy. Tackle some hills. Think deep thoughts. And work up a sweat. Bumped into Eddie "Coach" Holmes. He talked me into the 28 mile loop. With the Big Boys. By two miles, I fell out of the pace line. By 8 miles I couldn't see them. By 14 miles I was wondering why they weren't circling back. And at nearly seventeen miles I passed a sign: Welcome To Stone County. At which point I was officially lost. Thankfully I didn't hear banjos.

Phoned Eddie when I found signal. Back tracked. Met up with him around 25 miles into my 11 mile ride. Rode. Talked. He gave me some pointers. Tried to do some intervals. By 30 miles, I was running on fumes. Thankfully concluded at 32 miles.

Sweat. Road dust. Mosquitoes while I stowed my gear. Humbling to be the slowest member of the pack. And invigorating to get lost. Again.

Should get lost more often.

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