Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Non-Pub Run - 05/08/13

So my Pub Run was rescheduled to Tuesday, and that doesn't jive with my schedule. So, for the indeterminate future, I'm running solo through the neighborhood again on Wednesdays. And instead of 5K, I've graduated to 10K. Which completely reminds me why I dislike running so much. Not as much as I used to hate 5K. But at least in the same ballpark of loathing.

Pretty much the usual run given my location, my ability, and the time of year: mostly slow and sweaty.  Traffic was light. Humidity wasn't too bad. The Prodigy helped. But not one of my best runs. Need to start doing regular speed work. But I need a lot of things. Just a matter of time, money, and effort. All of which are in high demand but low supply.

Didn't cry, puke, or pass out. So I got that going for me. Until next week...

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