Monday, May 13, 2013

More Moo Shoo

The spirit was upon me. Try something new, she said. Chinese, she said. But no carbs, geek! she said. And once that voice whispers... It's on. 

My usual neighboor haunt. Family store. Best General's chicken in town. What's news, but no carbs? I decide to try the Moo Shoo Pork. No previous experience with it. I ask Owner Lady what it is. Not sure what she said. But she smiled as she said it And nodded at me. Like I was making a really smart choice. 

Haul it home. And wow oh freaking wow! Thin sliced pork. Eggs. Maybe mushrooms. Hint of ginger. Garlic. And possibly a wine or something with the most excellent flavor. Served with a side of POTENT thick black hoisin sauce. And some amazing tortilla-like wraps. Though I swear Owner Lady said pancakes? No idea what they were made of, or how they were made. But the whole thing was magnificent, strangely exotic, and delicious. 

I'm thankful for the visit from the spirit. She steered me in the right direction, as usual. And I'm certainly going to get more moo shoo.

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