Thursday, May 09, 2013

Zipping Along

One lone non-office lunch per week. Usually spent amid young drama in The Old Biloxi Fillin' Station. My life is so very clean and simple in comparison to the tales we're told each Thursday or Friday. "We" meaning my work wife: Hodge. He likes to feel the soothing kiss of normalcy, too. So, I went caveman (surprise!) and opted for buffalo wings with a side salad. Sloppy and nummy. Just the way ol' Caveman Jon likes it.

After work? Biking through the hills of Woolmarket. Me, John H & David S. Just 11 miles. But did I mention the hills? First seven miles we were zipping along. Last four, panting like basset hounds. Gotta get used to those hills. And soon. Some big races coming up, and dying on the course isn't my idea of a good finish.

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