Saturday, July 07, 2007

Call me Paul

Is it possible to have a weird addiction to heat stroke and physical exhaustion? What would you call it? What therapy would help counter it?

Spent a couple of hours in the gym. Back and biceps (since I missed my Thursday workout.) Throwing off the burdens of my own limitations. Weights I'd never done before. Never thought I could do. Then a 3.5 mile run. Lots of sweat. Burnt some crazy number of calories. You get out of it what you put into it. So I put everything into it.

And then (imagine this) I tackled more of the yard. Diced up a fat limb that fell from the oak outside our window. Recip'ed it into a bijllion pieces and hauled them to the alley. Then the wilderness alongside our bedroom. Swinging the machete. Ripping up weeds and pulling up new budding trees. More damn stumps. Again with the stumps! Dogwood trees, I think. New twist on my torture. Couldn't just cut off the lateral roots. Had to tunnel down several feet. Cut through the tap root. Brutal stuff. Freaking barbaric. I'd dig then chop. Until my pulse was punching the side of my neck. The sweat throbbing through my pours. Panting in the mid-day sun. Caught my breath for a few more minutes. More digging. More chopping. Another break. Dig. Chop. Rest. Repeat for a couple of hours.

Five wheel barrows worth of scraps later, I called it quits. Bordering on heat stroke. Limping toward physical exhaustion. Collected my ax and machete and shovel. Shower bound. A modern day Paul Bunyan.

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