Friday, July 13, 2007

MOVIE: Live Free Die Hard

John McClane has returned. Older. Angrier. A cowboy quoting throwback in a digital maelstrom. Welcome back, John. You've been sorely missed.

I like pissed off old codgers spewing quick, venomous commentary. I like creative cinematic uses of modern technology. I like lithe ninja chicks kicking loads of buttocks. Rampaging tractor trailers. Elevator chases. Joint Strike Fighter. This movie had it all. And then some.

I won't dwell on the loopholes in the technology. I won't nitpick on the the amazing fact that as John gets more and more wounded, he seems capable of ever more difficult feats. (By the last fifteen minutes, I was expecting him to raise the dead and solve the riddle of steel.)

I don't know if it will win any Academy Awards, but it certainly won my vote.

Sign me up for Diehard 5.0.

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